Who Are We?

We are a group of university-aged students and athletes that come from various different backgrounds and have numerous different interests. Given our diverse interests and different perspectives on current events we wanted to create a platform where we could share our honest opinions, thoughts and reviews on many unrelated topics. We have many different writers who choose to focus on their own interests such as:


Hockey – PJHL & NHL team rankings, player reviews and other news

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UBC – Student guides, campus restaurant reviews and tips & tricks

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Music – Hip Hops & Country music reviews and rankings, and sick playlists

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Lifestyle – Food/restaurant reviews, product reviews and recommendations and everything else in between

Why The Name?

Why the name "Caps Off"? Cause we don't cap, ya dig? 

In all honesty and dumb jokes aside, we wanted to choose a name that reflected what we value most in our blogs – honesty. We don't want to censor our articles to adhere to other people's beliefs and we want to give unbiased and honest reviews and rankings as best we can.

Some of our rankings and reviews likely will not fit everyone's image of how it should look, however our goal is to provide our unbiased and truthful opinion on a variety of subjects. 


We encourage our readers to share their opinions on why they disagree in the anonymous comment section of each post.

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Want to write about whatever interests you most, with no hardass looking over your shoulder the whole time? We are always looking for new writers to join The Caps Off Team. As a writer you will have the freedom to write about whatever you want, on a platform designed to shed a light on each writer's unique personality and voice. 

We are always looking for new writers and editors to take on. Click the link below to see the job description and application.

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